1st human Death Due To #Ransomware !

1st human Death Due To #Ransomware !

Hi this is Shovan Ghorai working as a senior developer of Abuzzcompany.

The sudden news is now on the top of the list.

According to German authorities, the DoppelPaymer ransomware had disrupted the IT systems at the Düsseldorf University Clinic and had infected 30 servers in its network and it caused death on 10th sept 2020.

Actually ransomware encrypt whole server or computer file. Attacker used to ask to pay cryptocurrency (bitcoin) to decrypt the file.

So that the actual data owner will not find the data without paying even in emergency situation also.

Now time to be alert from ransomware like #DoppelPaymer.

Every institution owner need to focus their system , network , database , server and vulnerability , loophole.

For that please secure your data, follow the strategy to prevent .

  • Use complex and high length password.
  • Don’t even go out without shutdown your system.
  • Upgrade your each software and please regularly visit software’s official site for more security patches and all.
  • Update your OS version regularly 
  • Update and scan each downloaded file with a good antivirus.
  • Update antivirus regularly
  • Don’t click on unknown email, link .
  • Always take a data backup in a external storage (must be isolated from network).

Remember :

Düsseldorf University Clinic forgot to upgrade their recent security patches of citrix adc 2019 and that is the reason attacker found vulnerability . for more information of the vulnerability


I hope this will help you to build security.

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