Maybe you open your android phone and what if you find out that your data is not secure!

Maybe you open your android phone and what if you find out that your data is not secure!

Hi,everyone Shovan Ghorai here. I am a Senior Developer at abuzzcompany  and I am new to 

using social-media platforms. This is the first piece of content that I am writing. 

Let’s come to the fact that today’s world is dependent on digital scenarios. From a mobile phone, to a bed-side night lamp, each and everything is now working digitally connected with the internet. 

I am 100% sure that you want things to be secure when connected digitally and don’t want to expose your information to anyone.Say you are using health check devices which are monitoring your health condition eg. BP meter, oximeter etc

If the hacker gets hold of your personal details or health information like  pulse rate /BP details , he may mess with it. This may cause frustration and in some cases it can turn out to be fatal as well. So, it is very necessary to secure your phone especially when you have a senior citizen using it.

There are many more ways to secure this but;

First please disable the “DEVELOPER MODE” , if it is enabled by you or your friend.  Why do you ask ? Because that opens a port through which a hacker can access your phone remotely.

Check the status you will find in  “How to check developer mode in android mobile” and you will get answers on how to do it. 

Stay tuned for more such tips which will make your life easier and happy. 

Thanks for reading this and giving your time.

 A little more encouragement from you guys would help me write more content and I know  you  support me !

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