“A vision without a plan is just a hallucination.”

Communication Strategy

Organizational communication is a crucial function for the development, cultivation and maintenance of corporate brand identity and image. A broad field encompassing all forms of communication that allow an organization to function, grow, connect with stakeholders, and contribute to society in general. Organizational communication includes both internal and external communications. It requires intelligent use of the tools and planning to achieve desired objectives. Abuzz with its distinctive ability to research and acquireknowledge, supports in developing communication strategies which can add exponential value to your brand.

Why you must use this service

Organizational communication helps in:

  • Sales support by communicating the brand values.
  • Acclimatize an organisation to upcoming changes.
  • Keep company policies, procedures and regulations up to date.
  • Develop and maintain internal as well as external relationships.
  • Be the face in case of any crisis communication.

For an organisation to succeed in today’s markets, it needs to have effective communication strategies. A strategy which communicates company messages to internal as well as external stakeholders. The function also involves, receiving and responding to feedback.

What makes us stand out

A strategy provides a direction, while as a plan is a set of concrete actions to be implemented to execute a strategy.Strategy and plan are like two interconnected cog wheels. Achieving objectives is impossible without a strategy or plan. As part of our Communication Strategy services, we provide consultation for:

Internal Communication

Employees are the best brand ambassadors of a company.  Proper and prompt communication empowers the employees to further communicate the trust and brand value. Communication within a company plays a vital role. Abuzz can assist with SMART monthly newsletters and creative communication initiatives that can be driven within a company or wherever the employees are located.

External Communication

Positive communication with the world outside the organisation makes or breaks the brand. Abuzz will consult in building a strategy which can deliver positive visibility amongst customers, influencers and prospects. Leveraging its network of esteemed influencers and media publications, we can provide opportunities to participate in journals, knowledge sharing sessions, expert chats (Online & Offline)

Sectors we have serviced

We are never content with what we do. The team at Abuzz is rearing to go beyond customer expectations, always. The sectors we have served till date are:

Mortgage & Insurance

Start ups


Machine Learning and Robotics


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