“Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails.”

Businesses need not be only profit driven, they also need to socially conscious and concerned about the surroundings they exist in. In recent times, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an important part of Corporate Brand building. Integrating CSR seamlessly into company goals is the new normal. 

The spectrum of CSR initiatives available for a company can be mind boggling. Abuzz, offers services to develop a sustainable CSR strategy around your brand values and company ethos.

Why you must use this service

Implementing CSR aimlessly is waste of efforts and also holds a risk of misfiring. Focused thoughts and proper research are required to be invested in CSR. As said, the plethora of CSR initiatives a company can invest in, can be mind boggling. By CSR, it is not necessary that a company invests in expensive campaigns and splash them across various media outlets. But with a well-prepared strategy, some of the most inexpensive and at times free CSR projects have created unprecedented brand value.

But for that to happen, it requires the efforts of focused and genuinely concerned professionals. CSR strategy is a forte of Abuzz. With an open-minded attitude towards society in general supported hard earned experience, Abuzz is poised to deliver a strategy which can be help your CSR efforts and furthering your cause of social upliftment.

What makes us stand out

CSR strategy is fairly new in the realms of corporate management. Professionals at Abuzz are well acquainted with the steps involved in creating a CSR strategy. The steps are:

  • Understanding your company
  • Search for initiatives which match with your company goals
  • Align employee and external stakeholders with the CSR goals.
  • Initiate actions by inviting internal participation i.e. motivate active participation from employees
  • Communicate effectively to customers

With our experience in the field, we have broadly categorised CSR initiatives in the following:

  • Philanthropic:Supporting causes like education for all, gender neutrality etc.
  • Environmental:Take steps to minimize unfavourable effects on the environment.
  • Diversity:Adapting labour policies which promote diversity and gender neutrality at the workplace.
  • Support: Local charities and communities are always on the lookout for support.

Our experienced professionals will hand hold you through the complete process developing your CSR strategy.

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