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Custom Software Development

Some organisations have specific expectations from a software. Expectations which might not be fulfilled by Commercial Off the shelf (COTS) software’s. Custom software’s are built for organisation who expect a different level of functionality and robustness from their software tools. The process of developing customised software involves designing, prototyping, testing, deploying and supporting the software.

Abuzz, offers a comprehensive set of custom software development services to help you reach your business goals. We can support you by developing a completely new website or revamping your existing software tools.

Regardless of the business size or industry sector, Abuzz can help you transform your ideas into innovative and intelligent business solutions.

Why should you use this service

Today the term ‘Software’ has become mainstream. Almost every machine is controlled by software. Software’s are broadly divided into following groups:

  • Application software: Software tools which perform a specific function
  • System software: Software for managing computer hardware. These are further divided into:
  • Operating systems
  • Device Drivers
  • Utilities

The nature and application of software’s also differs from desktop or web applications, server software’s to embedded utilities or firmware’s. Software helps in:

  • Simplified and informed decision making
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved analysis
  • Reliable Data
  • Better business predictability

All the above points are crucial for business growth. Therefore, spending on customised software development is considered to be an investment.

What makes us stand apart

Customer Centricity, something which Abuzz considers extremely important.

At Abuzz, we never offer templatised solutions to our clients. We invest immense amount of time in understanding requirements before setting about to develop a software tool. We believe – Time spent on planning an understanding is money saved during implementation.

Some of the most innovative minds, are associated with Abuzz as part of the software development team. We leverage emerging technologies and transfer the advantages to our clients.

Our team of developers is conversant with all types of development methodologies aka

  • Waterfall
  • Feature-driven
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Lean

Our forte lies in developing utility and application software’s  fulfilling your specific needs.

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