“Everyone lives by selling something.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

Pre Sales Management

Every organisation is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to scale up its business. Pre-Sales is the best tool an organisation can depend on for exploring new business opportunities.

On a macro scale, Presales is a function with the job of finding, winning and keeping customers. But on a granular scale,many activities require intelligent and experienced professionals who can augment your growth story.

Abuzz, offers premium pre-sales service support with ATL, BTL and digital capabilities helping you reach out to the elusive business opportunities you have been waiting for.      

Why should you use this service?

Presales is distinctly different from marketing and sales. As per a Harvard Business Review, ‘companies with strong presales capabilities consistently achieve win rates of 40–50% in new business and 80–90% in renewal business’.

Sales reps are the most productive when they have the best support from pre-sales and administration. Providing sales support and verified information makes the sales team a juggernaut of growth.

Abuzz is an organisation with deep experience in marketing communications across sectors.We understand the need for in-depth information and opportunity analysis by the sales team. Abuzz, with its expertise in analytics, SEO, content marketing is at a stage where it can anticipate a trend and provide excellent communications approaches which are result oriented and repeatable.

What makes us stand apart?

Our approach is what makes us different. First, we understand your sales objective. Over the years we have noticed, everybody wishes to have a strong pipeline. But after some exhaustive, it is revealed that most of our clients are not after quantum but quality and continuity of business i.e., they are ok with having 2-4 customers who will renew the contract as and when required.

Such interactions are input to Abuzz, as it allows us to focus our attention and resources.

Are you looking for a long-term business client, then you are in the right place? Abuzz offers pre-sales support for:

We do not provide you with a list of random phone numbers. But properly qualified opportunities

Gathering information regarding companies from a target sector or industry. Information regarding the decision-makers. Target companies’ growth story and plans are crucial for a sales pitch.

Managing online Sales prospecting and lead generation tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Nimble etc.

Consistent good quality communicating with qualified leads creates an opportunity for faster conversion. We help you keep the communication lines open with: 

  • Emailers
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars

Uploading and maintaining product/ service page listings is a crucial function. An updated listing informs a potential customer about your services and promptness.

Sectors we have experience with


Start-up ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence


Supply Chain Management

Mortgage and Insurance

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